Drake is a cat which is meant to have light blue fur but it is cyan you'll see why. Drake wears a dark blue hoodie explaining why his fur is cyan and his skin is grey and why his eyes are a darker shade of blue then they are meant to.

drake when donna was taken from him

Drake CAN TURN INTO A FREAKING SQUID MY FAVOURITE ANIMAL!!! Laugh if you want. He is a lightning type can grow wings uses phycokineses the powder monkey of the group and is in team squid and team starlight. his age is 10 years and cannot age no more

drake causing a storm trying to hide from silver

8 years after blaze was born celestia (blazes mom) gave birth to drake secretly she was raising Ken Drake used his phycokineses to track him down.

drake was sat when silver first found him

with Ken and Blaze, Drake met the girl of his dreams her name Donna. where did they meet? At The Cinco De Mayo Party.(Cinco de mayayaoX2) SHUT UP HONEY!
New Canvas

Drake got angered by a mini midget


ken in his battle with his sister blaze

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